Have you lost your power as a recruiter ?


If you have become frustrated because all your attempts to hire top talent have failed and you are no longer producing the results you once did, there maybe a logical reason behind it.

For years the recruitment market favored the employers, but that has all changed, the power has shifted and now the job seekers hold all it all in THEIR hands.

Don’t believe me ? remember the days you could have the pick of the bunch , well talent is getting harder and harder to find , especially if you are implementing outdated recruitment techniques.

They may have worked before, but it maybe time also for you to get your head in the game because you could be losing out to your competitors when it comes to great hires. The technical term for this change is a shift from an employer-driven market to a candidate-driven market.

It is a known fact the millennial generation want more and in order to give them that recruiters must be equipped with the proper tools and software to so. Candidates will no longer entertain a weak employer brand , a slow application process and more importantly an unpleasant candidate experience. If recruiters don’t put the effort in the candidates won’t come knocking on their door.

You can complain all you want if you don’t radically change the way you hire , the strategies, tools and the approaches you use you may find yourself powerless to a talent pool that will not tolerate a poor hiring process and lose out to other firm.




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