Infographic : The importance of social media in recruitment marketing

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We recently conducted a survey with 100 participants from across Ireland and the UK who are currently seeking employment. Here are some of the main takeaways (scroll down for infographic).


Social job seekers 

85% of the participants use social media when searching for a job . Platforms included are Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Google + a breakdown of the study shows the most popular used.

  • 40% use Facebook
  • 15% use Twitter
  • 35% use LinkedIn
  • 5%  use Instagram
  • 3% use Google +
  • 2 % use other ( this includes Snapchat and Blog sites)


Mobile phone usage 

65% of the participants use their mobile phone when searching online for job vacancies. The other 35% use their laptops or tablets.


Importance of social media when recruiting 

85% of job seekers said that they find it important that companies use social media when advertising vacancies to attract talent.

93% said that if they saw a job on a social media platform they would share it with a friend / family member or colleague if they thought it would interest them.

76% of participants said that they would visit a companies social media platforms before applying for a job.


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