Everyone experiences stress of some kind in their workplace whether it’s deadlines, demands, interactions etc.

“Jobs can be remarkably stressful, albeit for remarkably different reasons. The stress inherent with working as a police officer or firefighter, for example, is readily apparent.

As a society, we celebrate the bravery necessary to face the stresses of working in the Armed Forces, battling fires, or working in law enforcement. Some people derive great job satisfaction from high-stress professions that involve danger or other demands such as facing the intense scrutiny of the public.

And, given an estimated 75% of Americans suffer from a fear of public speaking, the stress inherent with a job in the public eye becomes apparent.”

The top ten most stressful jobs  are:

1. Enlisted military personnel

2. Firefighter

3. Airline pilot

4. Police officer

5. Event coordinator

6. Newspaper reporter

7. Corporate executive

8. Public relations executive

9. Taxi driver

10. Broadcaster


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