During this series of What NOT to say during an interview ,we bring you those top 7 questions that you should avoid. That’s right AVOID, whether you are a recent college graduate looking for your first job or an experienced professional committing these interview sins may cost you a job!

You have probably rehearsed a million times your replies to the most commonly asked interview questions but you should also take into an account what you should avoid saying. Don’t worry we have you covered so let’s kick this off with #2 notepads at the ready!

#2 – I don’t see myself working here for more than a couple of years

Sorry, What!? even if the job that you are interviewing for isn’t something that you see yourself in long-term this is something that the interviewer doesn’t need to know. You might have different career aspirations but you really should be focusing on the job that you are applying for now otherwise what is the point?

By informing the interviewer that you have no intention in staying in the role long term you are sabotaging any chances that you have in landing the gig. Take if from the companies point of view: Why would they invest in somebody who is just going to up an leave after 2 years?

Pop back tomorrow to see our next question in our series of What NOT to say during an interview or if you need help with any interview questions leave us a comment below …