Some companies don’t have a huge marketing budget. In saying that, there is one significant aspect that you may be overlooking, that can help you promote your employer brand: your employees.

Realistically your employees talk about what it is like to work at your company, whether it be to friends or family. That shared word of mouth has a notable impact on your companies reputation. Nowadays it isn’t just about word of mouth, the internet, especially social media has given us the platform to shout from the rooftops about how great it is to work for our companies. In saying that there are so many scripted and sponsored reviews and testimonials, you have to make sure to give candidates a genuine feel of what it is like to work for your company and this is where your Brand Ambassadors come into play.

Your employees know your company better than anybody else and they can play a strong part in helping to create your employer brand and generate awareness about your roles. If you give them the right guidance, your employees can become one of your most valuable marketing resources. Here are 6 tips to help you turn your employees into brand ambassadors:


There’s no better marketing than an army of loyal employees living and breathing your brand.



Choose the right brand ambassadors 

Find employees that really enjoy working at the company and who go that extra mile, maybe somebody who has progressed in the company. Selecting the right employees will help any conveyed messages come across as genuine rather than forced. If you can also identify employees who currently use social media and enjoy doing so you are on to a winner. 

Encourage them to speak in their own voice

Avoid scripted material, you want the testimonials from employees to be sincere. Giving genuine feedback about what it is like to work for the company helps to build a relationship between employees and jobseekers giving them that extra encouragement to press apply.

Encourage social media activity 

Encourage your employees to sign up for social media accounts representing the company. So, for example, JaneRezoomo and have them include brand imaging on the accounts. They can use this separate to their own accounts which will help them spread the word online and share any rich media that you do on your employer branding page.

Keep them engaged

Share the companies vision, missions and goals with your brand ambassadors not only will this help to keep them involved but it will allow them to tie back into the direction you want the company to go and allow them to relay that message with potential candidates.  They know what they’re working for and why it matters, and they truly feel as if they’re part of a team.


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