Numerous studies indicate that candidates want more transparency and authenticity from employers and we agree!
Employee featured videos talking about a new upcoming role or employees working together on a community project is a great way to humanize your employer brand.

In saying that, when it comes to producing videos, employers must make sure that they are of high production value. This means paying attention to the concept, location, script, lighting, audio, camera and editing.

Why should you invest in recruitment videos? 

In order to promote your employer brand, visual media is an absolute necessity and it is far easier to tell an engaging story through a 1-2 minute video than writing an abundance of text. The higher the production of your video the more memorable it will be and ideally will capture the attention of some great talent.

So let’s check out some great samples of recruitment videos and what we can take away from each one.

1. Google

Probably one of the best recruiter brands across the world, Google doesn’t fail to showcase its Googliness in this video ad. Sharing first week’s journey of interns, their background and evolution to attract future job prospects is a great method to create an engaging hiring process.

Takeaway –  Showcasing your business impact and letting your newest hire speak their mind has huge impact.

2. Apple

Apple’s recruitment video is an example of how does leaders work. From providing insights on product development to minds creating great technologies, Apple not fails to create an impact on user’s mind via this clever hiring commercial.

Takeaway – Providing a tour to company’s uniqueness and hardship could be really engaging. Speak from a leader’s perspective and keep your goals clear.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks has created a super fun and focused video articulated ever in ‘employee testimonial ad’ category. Depicting career growth and organizational journey from an intern to full-time employed staff is amazing. Smart use of company culture and fun at work to provide an insight of the company’s recruitment process is really appealing.

Takeawy –  Push your employees to the driver seat and focus on creating an employer brand that becomes likable globally.

4. Barclays

Barclays’s one-minute hiring video is a sound sample of having a priceless recruiting ad. A Hollywood style video that grabs the attention of future candidates by showcasing company culture and personality through unconventionally storytelling methods.

Takeaway –  ‘Humor to engage’ is the best way to grab the attention of future job prospects.

So now you have seen a few inspiring ways to humanize and communicate your employer brand through recruitment videos to the outside world. Naturally not every company has a huge budget to spend or the resources and time to produce the most amazing videos. But if you do find the time and budget to do so keep these 3 C’s in mind:

– Curious
– Clear
– Conscious

The main goal is to grab the attention of the viewer and keep them watching. They need to be triggered by something unusual, humorous or entertaining. Keep them curious, keep your message clear and include some conscious thoughts as well, like your companies visions heading into the future. Giving potential candidates a positive vibe about the future of your company is always a winner!

Feel free to share any other inspiring videos in the comments below or even your own companies recruitment videos!