When applying for roles a great way to get your CV noticed is by quantifying your success with numbers. 

Although most people understand the general idea of how to quantify and why it is used some people often struggle to do this when applying for roles leaving their CVs at the back of the queue.

1. Show Them Numbers 

Stating what we do in our responsibilities is something that we all do, but instead of just listing out the various duties included in your role why not quantify where you can.  If in a marketing role that you increased page likes by 15% since 2016 gaining a total number of 8,000 followers in 2017. Sounds more impressive, right?

2. Show Them How Much 

Instead of saying you were responsible for just selling, why not say your annual sales totaled up to €60,000 (for example) or that you implemented a new system that helped the company save up to €200,000 a year. Profit and savings are a great way to showcase your skills and really gain the interest of hiring managers.

3. Show Them How Often 

You really can quantify anything and it really does make your CV more effective.  Another great way to give your CV that extra little UMPH is by showing hiring managers the quality of work you do with numbers. For example, instead of saying that you just answered phones you could say that you effectively answered 200 calls a day whilst managing the front desk also.

Take these examples and apply them to your own CV remember numbers really do matter and can make a big impression on hiring managers.

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