Thinking about leaving your current position, but you are unsure whether you have a good enough reason to leave or not and start looking for a new job? Go with your instincts. If things feel off to you, or you’re simply not happy or engaged anymore, that can be reason enough. If you’re hesitant or feel guilty about moving on then don’t. Many people leave a job at some stage in their career. They may have to do so to move up the career ladder. But to help you decide, we’ve laid out five reasons you should start looking for a new job.

You have become complacent

When we go to work each day, we want to be going into an environment that you are accustomed to and comfortable. However, it’s all well and good being comfortable but when it turns into complacency you must be wary of it. Being complacent can stunt your career growth. People who move up in the career are those who feel secure in their work surroundings but realise that they can always improve themselves and never resting on their laurels.

Undoubtedly it is great to have all parts of your job mastered and breeze through the days. But this self-satisfaction means you are more likely to stay where you are rather than reaching your potential. The fact you have mastered your position means you can move onto new and challenging opportunities.

You aren’t getting the recognition

Recognition should not be the be all and end all for you but at the same time recognition indicates that your company is the right fit for you. If people in the company that aren’t as good as you and have less experience than you are getting promoted, then it is time for you to reconsider your options.

This unrecognition should really make you consider other job opportunities. You don’t want to become angry and frustrated in your current role by not progressing in it.

You are not getting on with your boss anymore

Everyone gets frustrated with their boss every now and then. But if this becomes a regular occurrence then it is perhaps time to look for a new job. It could be that you don’t like the way your boss does their job or could do it better. Or perhaps it’s the communication between the two of you is poor. Or maybe it seems tense and that there is a feeling of distrust in the air. Whatever it may be if it is affecting you becoming the best you can possibly be then you must consider a new role.

Your company is falling apart

If you see that the company is sinking, then it is time to consider a new job. To try and stay afloat, the company might start leaving people go. Every day you walk into the office you might be wondering who is next. If you feel that it is you that is going to be let go next then you should start your job search immediately.

You’re ready for a new career

Perhaps you are at that stage of your career where you want a change and just want to pursue a different occupation. This idea often originates from a long period of thought, conversation at home and training done outside of work.

If you are in a stable job situation, a move like this could be done with relative ease. It’s probable that you have built up a close rapport with your work colleagues. And, they understand that you have career ambitions to move forward.