You come across your ideal job during your job search. It’s perfect!

You feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness, it is the perfect opportunity. So how can you make sure that you get that interview?

4 Tips To Make Sure You Get That Interview

1. Make sure you’re a fit

Do you hold all of the required skills? Do you understand all of the requirements of the role? Perform a quick Google search and make sure you are aware of all aspects of the position you are applying for, what will be expected of you and what you, yourself can bring to the role.

2. Tailor Your CV 

It is important before submitting your CV that you tailor it to the job requirements. Make sure you quantify results where you can and if a cover letter is required really use this to sell yourself and let the hiring manager know why you are the perfect fit for the job.

3. Your Subject Line

If you have to send your CV in by email make sure that you use a CV is relevant to the position you are applying for.

Don’t use these subject lines

  • CV for job
  • Document 16 Andrew McGuirk
  • CV Tara K 2016

Do use these subject lines

  • Tara Kearney for Sales Manager Role
  • Marketing Professional Andrew McGuirk
  • Tk Maxx – Ambitious Outlet Store Manager

4. Act Fast

Don’t mull over your CV for a week and then decide to send it in. As soon as you do your research and tailor your CV send it in. Sometimes if the hiring manager finds a suitable candidate they will close the role.

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