So you have sent out all of your job applications and you managed to bag yourself an interview. Woop!

The big day finally comes, you were punctual. You confidently answered all of their questions. You researched the company and asked intelligent questions. But how do you know if it went well? Sometimes it is not so clear. Here are some key signs to help you tell if you could possibly be bagging this job.

4 Key Signs Your Job Interview Went Well


Body Language

Ok, so this is a great one to start off with although it may be an obvious one it can be an important one. During your interview did you obtain good eye contact, was the hiring manager smiling and showing interest? Or where they distracted and did the whole process seem rushed? You can normally tell if you are receiving positive body language so be on the lookout for these telltale signs.

Questions Around Your Interest In The Job

If the interviewer begins to ask you why you are interested in the position or how you see yourself in this particular job it’s a good sign. A big give away here is if the interviewer asks if you are interviewing with any other companies. If they had no interest in hiring you why would they ask this question in the first place?

It Get’s Personal 

So you have covered all of the main questions in the interview and you have given your best answers. Then the interviewer starts asking questions about your personal life and is interested in learning more about you and your interests. This is a key sign to keep an eye out for. The interview is obviously interested in getting to know you on a more personal level, which could mean an invite for a second interview or a job offer.

Office Tour & Meeting The Team

This is a sure sign that the job is yours. After your interview, they want to give you a tour of the office and to meet the team. Even though it was unexpected and slightly daunting wear your best smile because they may be trying to see if you would be a good fit for the team.

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