Looking for a new job isn’t the easiest task at the best of times. But looking for a new job while you are still in your current one is even more difficult. Getting the time to find a new role is hard. You may find yourself having a sneaky peep at your emails on your lunch break or you could be stepping out of the office to take a phone interview while still trying to keep everything on the down low from your current employers. All the same, it is better to be in a job while looking for another one. It makes the transition much easier.

Getting the call to attend

When you get that call to attend an interview the excitement kicks in. However, the anxiety starts because you have to find a way to get time off work to attend it. If you feel it’s a great opportunity that you can’t miss out on then you should go for it because at the end of the day your career is the most important thing. You shouldn’t feel guilty or awkward about taking time off from your current role.

Be careful though. The last thing you want to do is upset your current boss. Your boss wouldn’t take too kindly to the fact that you have been going for interviews on company time. If you don’t land a new job quickly the work environment could become very awkward and unpleasant. So, it’s in your best interests not to give the real reason why you are taking time off work. Here are some tips on how to get away for those interviews.

Don’t cause problems for yourself

You will more than likely get away with telling a white lie here and there. Be sure not to come up with an excuse that could put you in a right spot of bother. For example, don’t say that you are very ill or a family member has passed away. Work colleagues may come to see you or try an attend a funeral which will lead to your lies being revealed. It’s really not worth it. Making up an excuse as to why you’re late for work or why you have to leave early is a risky game as well.

Even though you are planning on leaving, this is still your workplace and you have no clue how long more you will be there for. Therefore, you must try and keep in with your bosses. Any lame excuses that make you look like you’re not dedicated to your role, unprofessional or careless won’t do. So, excuses, like sleeping through alarms or having car problems, might put you in a spot of bother.

Don’t call in sick

This is the go too reason for most to get out of work, but this should really be your last option. Realistically you shouldn’t use this reason at all. You don’t want to stain your attendance record at your current workplace. It’s hard to know how many interviews you will be called for, so you can’t be calling in sick all the time. Furthermore, you could easily be found out by a manager or a co-worker out and about even in the most unlikely of places. It’s rare you would see a person who is supposedly suffering from a vomiting bug walking the streets with their finest attire on.

Keep it vague

If it so happens that you need to take a holiday day or a half day to go to an interview you are entitled to do so. However, your boss doesn’t need to know the full details as to why you are taking the day off. Don’t dig a hole for yourself by going into massive detail. Just leave it vague by saying that you have to go to an appointment. If your boss is looking for more information just say you are going to the doctor or dentist. At times you may be able to get away on your lunch break and attend an interview. To give yourself that extra bit of time, state that you will be taking an extended lunch because you are meeting a friend for lunch. Offer to come in early or stay in late to make up the time.

The vital parts

For your own best interests it is advisable to take a full day’s holiday if you can. Of course, you would rather use the day off for something more exciting. However, if you get on well in the interview and get that dream position it will all be worth it. If you can’t take the full day off but can only take a half day or use flexitime let your current employers know straight away. Furthermore, give yourself plenty of time to get too and from the interview.

Aim to avoid excuses altogether where possible

Nowadays interviewers are generally very understanding of the requirements of working life. They understand it is difficult at times to get some time off. So, when you are trying to organise an interview time, try and organise it outside of your working hours. They might not be able to meet your request but there is no harm in asking all the same. Actually, they will probably look at you in a positive light as you will be seen as a dependable and committed worker. If they can’t meet you at the time you asked for, then be clever with your interview time. More than likely it will be more straightforward for you to schedule time off earlier or later in the day, or around lunchtime so keep this in mind.

Many may feel awkward about taking time off work to attend an interview but it could change your life. Once you keep it cool and don’t reveal too much as to why you are taking time off then you should be fine. The fact that you know how to get that much needed time off to attend that interview, have a look at our best interview advice to get you ready for that interview.


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