In an industry that’s often plagued with high attrition rates, hiring for a cultural fit is imperative to retaining top talent in the retail sector.

Hiring the wrong person can impact revenue, turnover, morale and the culture of a company, especially if you are looking for candidates in the wrong place. This is an ongoing problem across the industry and an issue companies cannot afford to ignore.

With employer branding becoming the forefront of every company’s recruitment process, amongst many other challenges. Two top retailers Applegreen PLC and Barry’s Group quickly realized, that by strengthening key parts of their hiring strategy with Rezoomo, they could effectively target the talent needed for future growth and significantly reduce the time and cost spent on recruitment.

Both companies had very similar challenges that they wanted to address, which included: Firstly, finding a platform that could help them to promote their company’s employer brand.  Also, a platform where they could manage all of their recruitment in one place, across numerous locations whilst giving access to each store manager. Furthermore, to reduce costs of their overall spend, as advertising on various job boards was proving costly and time-consuming. Finally, to find a centralized system that could be customized to their own companies recruitment strategy. To accomplish these results, Rezoomo was able to provide both retailers with the following benefits:

  • Promote employer brand to hire better candidates
  • Attract better candidates
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Unlimited users – each location has access
  • Rezoomo is flexible – can be tailored to companies hiring strategy
  • Build talent pools of passive candidates
  • Integrate with your company website
  • All applications in one place
  • Build a better recruitment experience
  • Distribute jobs across multiple channels
  • Integrate social media
  • Save up to 50% on recruitment costs

By working together, Rezoomo was able to take the stress off their clients’ internal marketing and HR teams. This was done by delivering custom integrated career sites in record time so both companies could start recruiting top talent right away.

Our partnership with both companies is very collaborative and continues to evolve over time.


We have saved 25% on recruitment costs in the first 7 months of using Rezoomo. We expect this to increase further once we integrate the platform with our corporate website.” – Dave McClean, Head Of Employee Development, Applegreen

“Rezoomo has been really successful in attracting great applicants for the retail and professional roles that we advertise” -Deirdre Buckley, HR Manager, Barry’s Group

You can read the full case studies for both retail companies here: Applegreen & Barry’s Group


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