Express Yourself! 

In the previous blog, Meave from The branding of me spoke about ways to really shine and be competitive.  The next two areas she will help you to enhance your personal brand for particular jobs and professions with Rezoomo’s FREE digital CV builder.

One thing I do want you to be aware of that this stage is that if you don’t speak any other languages you don’t have to use this part of the CV builder.

I want you to start deciding what are the best tools to use to showcase your experience, skills and drive to succeed. For example, I myself wouldn’t need to avail of the language section as I only speak English.

I have forgotten every bit of my Irish from school (unless I need to use the toilet ?) so I will not include that.


If I try to speak French, all I hear is laughter.


However, I would add a custom page to an online portfolio showcasing my creative side. So, my point being is that we are all different. Rezoomo has designed such a helpful and easy to use digital CV builder in a way that each one of us, from whatever background can use to develop our personal brand.

If you are the kind of person who is versed in many languages, then share it.  Do avail of the tools of the language on the Introduction section and pick a short piece to read in the language or languages of your choice.  

Be honest in your rating of proficiency. Having the skill of languages always opens doors in many professions and makes me wish I had paid more attention – Merde


Custom pages are a valuable section of the CV builder.  The world is your oyster here.  I can imagine being able to add your full story here either as text, link to a blog and a video.

 It could be the case that a recruiter may easily go straight to the custom page.  There is no harm in repeating yourself here from areas we covered under the Show Them Who You Are post.  You want to showcase your story to make an impact and be remembered.

Create custom pages in a way to tell your story.  You could start by sharing a project from Leaving Cert as one page and then at least one from each year at college on separate pages under eye-catching headings.  

Make sure to include an image to make an impact as well. Perhaps add a tagline or short description of what you are sharing and the reasons why you are sharing it.  

Try not to have too many but just enough to grab the attention of the reader.

Don’t be afraid to share who you are in a professional way.  We have all done things that have made us proud and not just our family or teachers.  What is the first thought that comes to mind of something that you did, worked so hard at and that feeling of accomplishment afterward?

Think of that thought when you feel down; when you feel that you are not worthy of that job when you feel that you are not good enough…. think of that moment of accomplishment and say…YES, I CAN.

MAKE IT MATTER and share your accomplishments.

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