Looking to break into the sales industry? But where do you start? At Rezoomo.com we have put together some advice to help you get started and land your dream role…

Getting Started

Sales professionals are always looking out for the next best opportunity so it can be difficult to get a job in this field if you are just sending out the old generic paper CV. In order to get noticed you have to up your game, which means putting some thought into your application.

The best way to do this is to see what companies are currently hiring and which ones that you want to apply to. You might have an educational background that makes you a better fit for a particular industry, but don’t let that pigeonhole you into the companies you choose.

Preparing Your Application

When you have decided what companies you would like to apply to and have done your research on the teams you will be working with. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the products and services they sell.

If the companies have various lines, select a product you would be comfortable with selling or one that you may already have used and have a personal connection with. If there is a product that has made a difference in your life go with that. The personal interest and experience you can bring to your sales efforts will set you apart from all the other job candidates.

Think about the target audience that would buy that product, the main reason behind this is so that you can put together a pitch that you can present to your potential employer. In your pitch include the products specs but don’t just copy and paste them think carefully how your target audience will benefit from the product and what problems it will help them solve.

When sending off your application remember to include a cover letter that will explain why you put a pitch together and remember to easily upload your presentation alongside your skills, experience, education etc. with a Digital CV to give your application that extra wow!