With over 40% of companies hiring seasonal staff during the winter, temp work has always been a great way to gain new skills and earn some extra money coming up to the holiday season.

Here’s how to turn your temporary gig into a full-time job:

1. Be 100% reliable

Show up on time and deliver 100% quality work. Don’t think of yourself as just a temp there is no reason to be slacking off and not do your best work. In fact, this position gives you the chance to shine

2. Find out if a permanent position is possible

Before taking on a temp position with the company be aware if the opportunity of a permanent position is possible, especially if a permanent role is what you really want.

3. Network the Enterprise 

Build your contacts and make yourself visible. A temp job is a terrific networking venue. Be a team player, and make friends with the permanent workers.

4. Look the part

Feeling like you’re not quite part of the workplace may tempt you to dress down, but don’t give in to that temptation. The saying is you should dress not for the job you want but for the job above the one you want

5. Get to know the company

Research the company, find out any goals or targets that they are looking to be met and what their company culture is, it will all help in the long run.

6. Leverage your fresh perspective 

You are new to this job and you may have some previous experience in similar roles, bring those skills to the table. Identify gaps in the company that you could fill and get active by suggesting ideas for improvements. Really make yourself stand out from the crowd.

7. If you’re not offered a permanent job when your temp assignment ends…

Don’t despair; you’ll have other opportunities. In the meantime, ask for a reference and for referrals to job leads in your career field.


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