Most of the candidates that make it to the interview stage really want to wow and impress the hiring manager. However, going unprepared can lead to disastrous mistakes.

You can find yourself doing and saying things that you normally wouldn’t and it really can be a nightmare, but don’t worry we have outlined them below to help you on your way to the perfect interview.

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1. Veering Off Topic

So the interviewer has asked you a question, but uh-oh something completely irrelevant pops into your mind during your answer and before you can stop yourself you find yourself sharing.

Even though the hiring manager is smiling and nodding their head they’re really not interested in you sharing stories about your personal life. You are there for an interview after all. So maybe keep a lid on the stories for now and focus on the question that has been asked.


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2. Daydreaming

OK, everything is going well and you have made a great impression so far.  The interviewer is impressed with your skills and experience you really are racing towards the finish line. That is until an unexpected question is thrown at you, you are completely derailed.

You start looking around the room frantically, followed by a lot of eh’s and then bam you are suddenly daydreaming. Snap back to reality you ask “Sorry! What was the question again?” Fail!




3. Bad-Mouthing Past Employers

So you didn’t see eye to eye with your previous employer or you got sacked because you were more interested in reading about your friend’s Mary latest shenanigans on Facebook than replying to emails that should have been done last week.

When asked about previous employers during your interview you cannot help but reveal all, well let me STOP you right there! Don’t bother, if this is something you intend to do why even go to the interview? Companies will not be impressed by you deciding to have a rant and they certainly will not consider hiring you, if this is how you go on. So maybe have another think about this one.

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