Talent attraction is the bottom line in recruitment. It’s something that we all strive to be great at.

The attraction begins with job descriptions and let’s face it, dense blocks of texts aren’t going to capture anybody’s attention online or offline. The ability to attract candidates when their attention spans are down to seconds means that you have to start putting your companies brand and values at the forefront of your recruitment.

The impact of badly written job descriptions effects your ability to attract quality candidates and in turn, leaves you with a disadvantage of not hiring those quality candidates who may be lost to your competitors in a very competitive market.

A clearly articulated employer brand allows you to stand out in the middle of all of the noise and say Hey! Over here! Look at me…. and makes jobseekers notice you.

Getting Noticed

First impressions matter and if all you are putting out there is a block of text, you aren’t going to get much of that. At the end of the day you get out what you put in, so it’s time to start making an effort. Begin by calling your talent acquisition, human resources, hiring managers and marketing teams together.

Attraction takes collaboration and is a must when it comes to recruitment. A team effort allows you to build a stronger employer brand, and a strong employer brand attracts great candidates. So get everybody on board.

Building The Best

You may already know that brands need to be built to attract attention. Like a consumer buying from a shop, candidates are shopping for their next career move. So, it’s your job to make sure that you put all of the essentials in order and build the best brand to represent your company. We all know that we don’t buy into shabby so why should we expect candidates to?

It’s time to get everybody’s input. What makes your company a great place to work for? Why do people want to work there? and Why do people stay?. Delve in deep, start conducting interviews, surveys and really invest your time and effort into creating a flawless identity that candidates can relate to.
After that capture it all! Put your personal stamp on it through photographs of nights out, awards, office tours, video testimonials and anything else that makes you stand out.

Make It Exist

Many companies build an employer brand and put time and money into doing so and that’s it job done. Don’t do that, just because you built it doesn’t mean it can exist on its own. You need to bring it to life. Assign responsibilities to employees and departments to keep it updated, put guidelines into place to keep content and rich media fresh. Don’t let it die out. Your employer brand breathes what your company is about and if a job seeker sees that you can’t be bothered keeping it updated they won’t be bothered applying for your roles.

Measure Your ROI

Building up your employer brand is an investment in your companies time and money. You want to be able to show the ROI in investment so, continue to measure its progress. How long does it take you to hire? How much money have you saved by implementing it? What channels do you use to promote it on and which ones are working and which ones aren’t?

Attracting talent is the way recruitment thrives. Employer branding isn’t something that can be thrown together and expect to do well. It takes effort and work but in the end, the work pays off. You will begin to build talent pipelines allowing you to dive into a talent pool of great candidates. Word will spread about how great it looks to work at your company. Allowing potential candidates to see themselves as a ‘fit’ before they even apply for your roles. The opportunities for investing in attracting talent are endless. Start your journey today.