You have been waiting anxiously to hear back from the job you applied for, the moment comes when an email with a response hits your inbox.

It isn’t the news you have been hoping and you find out you didn’t land the job.

The majority of people just accept rejection. They miss out on the potential networking opportunities for future roles at that company. Here we have an example of the rejection reply you should be sending to leave the door open for future opportunities:

Handle Job Rejection Like A Pro

Okay, so you didn’t land the job with the company you really wanted to work for, but don’t sit back start typing. It is a bad idea to just let it go. For example what if the person they want to hire turns down the opportunity or decides after a while the position just isn’t for them. Anything could happen.

Sample Follow-Up Email After Job Rejection

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

It was a pleasure meeting you about the marketing position at 123 marketing. I really appreciate the time you spent speaking with me about the position, your company’s culture and history, and the wonderful opportunities available within your company.

While I am disappointed that my experience wasn’t quite what you are looking for in this position, I am still very interested in your company. I would appreciate your further consideration should another position become available that you feel would be a better fit for my skills.

Thank you for your time and encouragement.

Best Regards,

First Name Last Name

Bonus Tips

Why not send a Linkedin invitation to keep connected with the people you were introduced to in the company.

If you have a blog or website why not include the link to it in the sample follow-up letter also.

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