According to RTÉ, over 200,000 people in Ireland work from home or from a remote work hub. In addition to this according to a survey done by Deloitte 64% of millennials want flexibility (which includes working remotely) when it comes to choosing an employer which is higher than the global figure of 50%.

Nevertheless, there are still companies and managers that are opposed to this idea. A lot are of the opinion that productivity would decrease as a result. More feel that allowing staff to work remotely would cause friction among staff members whose roles aren’t suitable for telecommuting. Then there are companies and managers who see remote working as a completely new idea. They are just unsure if or how it would work out for their company.  Try out these tips to see if they will convince your boss to let you work remotely.

Make inquiries on current guidelines about working remotely

Perhaps nobody in your department does it and your boss hasn’t discussed it with you doesn’t mean that your company doesn’t have a policy regarding working remotely. They may also have guidelines which prohibit remote working. The best place to start your inquiry is with the HR department. You will want to find out what guidelines can help your request and what guidelines could hamper your request. You should go about looking for the following information: The success of remote working in other departments. Any information that suggests that there was the option of remote working in the past and if there was why was it cancelled. Finally, any guidelines and expectations for remote workers.

Once you have gathered this information you can present it to your manager. Highlight success stories. Discuss measures you will implement to make sure past mistakes don’t occur and give surety that you will work ferociously to meet all expectations.

Ask for a trial period

If you are worried about the reaction you could get from your boss, it might be in your best interests to go about asking for a trial period. Once this is completed sit down with your boss to evaluate the period and to see if it was a success or not.

During the trial period make sure to perform to the best you can possibly be. Be careful not to create false expectations or setting standards that you will not be able to meet on a continuous basis. So, make sure to have this worked out before you start the trial period.

Get it down on paper

You just ask verbally about remote working you might not succeed. It may be taken up by your boss as just general chit chat and may not realise that you are not happy in your current workplace surroundings. If you put in place a proper detailed proposal, then you have a better chance of it being considered. The following are pieces you should consider adding to your proposal.

Reasons you want to work remotely

Some believe working remotely will help them to be the most productive they can possibly be and have a much more stress-free work environment. Some people need to work remotely due to certain life circumstances that would help them manage them more. Perhaps a family member is ill, or you need to be there for your children. If this is the case put it in your proposal.

Your work schedule and plan

Be sure to include what time you will log into the company systems such as slack, your hours of work, the days of the week you will work remotely and what days you would be able to come on site.

Mention how it benefits the company

Discuss how working remotely can work to the companies benefit. Of course, putting in statistics are good but for example, mention that working a flexible schedule remotely you would be available for clients who are in different time zones.

How to keep track of your work

Use numbers to prove that you are meeting all targets set if you work remotely. If you have numbers relating to productivity or sales, then add them in and continue to meet them or exceed them.

A rundown on equipment and technology

Try and put your manager at ease by mentioning that there will be no connectivity or technical problems where you will be based that could affect your ability to do your job. Also, include details about computer equipment and internet speeds so you can always be online and productive. If you need special access to any of the company’s software, then mention this too.

Remote working is becoming more accepted nowadays and you might be able to enjoy it too. The main thing is to have a good concise proposal ready for your boss and be ready to reassure him/her with any questions they may have. If you play your cards rightly you may just get the chance to work remotely.

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