So, you have managed to convince your boss to let you work remotely or else you have managed to get a position working remotely, but what is the next step? How are you going to keep productive and up to date on all tasks when working remotely from the rest of your colleagues? Remote working is becoming more common, so contemplate the ways below to get the most out of working remotely.

Find a workspace

Make sure to have an assigned space to do your work. Perhaps you have a spare room at home, if so, consider making it into an office. If this is not the case, then at least try and get a desk or table that is going to be used for your work only. This is important for several reasons:

Firstly, you will have space to spread out your work necessities such as laptops, printers, notepads etc and be able to leave them there the whole time as opposed to working at the kitchen table. If this was the case, you would have to clean away all your work equipment every day for meal times. Secondly having a proper base to work can motivate you. You know once you go into your dedicated workspace it is time to work with no distractions.

Have reliable technology

Remote workers must make sure that their Wi-Fi is of a good standard to work from home. Besides needing to be able to take video calls without losing connection, you should also consider in investing in some items such as noise-cancelling headphones so you can take your work anywhere if needs be regardless of noise in the background. Some workers like the idea of wireless keyboards and mouse’s or an additional screen to work to the best of their ability.

Have a schedule

Of course, it is important to have your workspace in order, but it is just as important to have set working hours. Try and stick to your schedule as much as possible. This comprises of following a normal morning routine as if you were going into your workplace. Include work breaks and lunchtimes. Be sure to eat your lunch away from the desk and try and get out for a small walk if possible.

Communicate with work colleagues

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean cutting yourself off from all your work colleagues. Of course, there is going to be times that you just must concentrate on your work and not communicate. It perhaps might be a good idea to create a daily schedule that states when you will active on communication tools such as Slack.

Reduce distractions

A perk of working at home is, of course, avoiding workplace distractions. However, make sure you don’t begin to pick up “home” distractions too, like watching TV or being on social media too much. This type of multitasking won’t work and will leave you becoming less productive in your work.

Decide when your workday finishes  

What can occur when working remotely is that people work too much and don’t know when to switch off. They might see their laptop next to them and may have the urge to check emails regularly during the evening. Therefore, it is vital to schedule your time of finish. Include this in your schedule and stick too it. You should shut down your laptop and close your office door behind you and unwind.

Make the most of the flexibility

Some companies allow you to work when you want and when you want. If you are lucky enough to avail of this then make the most of it. Many people travel and move to different countries while still working for their company. While working remotely might not be for everyone, but if you can stay focused and develop positive habits, you can most defiantly prosper. It’s just about getting that balance right.