Being nervous before your first day at a new job is totally understandable and happens to most of us. You probably won’t know anyone there; you won’t know the company culture and you might not be even fully sure about your job role at this stage. Don’t fret though. With a few tips and techniques, you will be able to face your new job full of confidence and vigour.

Read over the job description again

If you are very nervous going in then you could lose focus as to why you are there. It would be worthwhile going over your job description to remind yourself of your responsibilities. This will give you a purpose when walking in. It will also help you map out what you will be doing over the next coming weeks and months.

Also, remind yourself as to what made you want the job and what tactics did you use to convince your new employers to hire you. If you are self-doubting yourself remember that your employer wouldn’t have hired you unless they had full confidence in your ability.

Go with the flow

You might be very much experienced in your role doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do it the same way as you did it before. Undoubtedly there will be several skills that will be transferable, but every company has its own ways of doing things. Pay attention to what is going on around you to fall into their way of doing things. Most certainly don’t say anything like “Well this isn’t the way we did it at my old job”.

If offered to join in on the lunch or coffee breaks do. It will give you the opportunity to get to know your new work colleagues in a more relaxed setting.  Here you will be able to ask about unwritten rules at work such as popping out to run an errand or about taking a quick personal call.

Be nice to everyone

This should always be the case but try not to accidentally make an enemy on your first day of work. Everyone you meet from the receptionist to the CEO should be treated the exact same way. Make sure to introduce yourself to as many people as possible so you will get up to speed on everyone’s names as quickly as possible.

Take a note of everything

Be it basic instructions, computer logins, etc be sure to write it down straight away. This will be of help to you as you’ll be overloaded with information on the first day alone. It will be hard to remember everything. Keeping an account of things will help you stay on track during the induction phase and stop you ending up in a ball of stress.

You won’t be the newbie forever

Of course, with change, a lot of the time comes fear and anxiety but that will pass. You will have to remind yourself that new beginnings always end becoming familiar over time. Just give it time. It won’t be long before the role will be second nature to you, and you will get to understand the companies’ culture and the ins and outs of the place.

Think of yourself too

At the end of it all, the best way to ease your nerves is to be kind to yourself. There is no need to be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to get everything perfect on day one as this is unrealistic. Try and set yourself some attainable goals for your first day. For example, like getting to know work colleagues’ names, go for lunch with a few members of your team and do one important task. It will make you feel more confident going forward and lays down a good foundation going forward.