In part 1 of our blog collaboration with Maeve Ahern O’Neill from The Branding of Me we discuss how you can market your personal brand through a digital CV  

Rezoomo’s newly launched Digital CV gives you the chance to tell your story, showcase your skills and in turn get you noticed by hiring managers.

In this blog, we give you an overview of how you can use your FREE Digital CV and how to make sure you have a reputable personal brand on all digital platforms.


The world isn’t as big as you think, especially online.  This has made it a very competitive one to live in.  We are all working towards a goal or career; all in it for the bigger picture.  It is a commercial world to plough through to get ahead.  That doesn’t mean you lose hope; it means to take it by the reigns and control your own destiny.

You are all unique with your own story to tell.

Your background, education, family environment and the way you perceive our own destiny is what makes you stand out.  You are your own competitive advantage.  The great thing about the way you use social media or digital platforms, in general, is showing you that your opportunity is right there; waiting to share your story.  The Branding of Me has been helping individuals and companies to create, develop and manage personal brands for almost two years and not one client has been the same.  Each has their own story to share.

Personal branding is establishing a professional, reputable and authentic version of yourself to tell your story and showcase your skills and value.  To make an impression. Tools that would have been recommended would be the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages, Blogs and other video-based tools like Instagram.  I would never discount any of those platforms but they can be time-consuming for recruiters when searching for candidates. When I learned that Rezoomo were adapting a Digital CV through their own platform, my first thought was “Finally”.  A one-stop platform to allow recruiters to see the full authentic version of your story – something a paper CV simply cannot bring and cuts the time thus enabling you to leave that lasting impression.

With over 50% of recruiters today searching for candidates online, it is time to start formulating your personal brand and spreading the word that you exist and what you can do.

Personal branding is showing your audience that you take an interest in your future and willing to go that extra mile.  What recruiter doesn’t want to see that?

It is time to look at your digital footprint before creating your brand.  Your digital footprint is your existence online.  Even if you think you don’t have any footprint, then you are not looking deep enough.  There are two types of a digital footprint – Voluntary and involuntary.

Voluntary digital footprint is what you are in control of.  It is what you post, share and comment on.  It is easy to manage

Involuntary digital footprint is what you don’t have control of fully and need to be aware of.  It is any online mention of you from other accounts.  For example, your friend tags you in that very unflattering photo of you from last Saturday at the pub.  Would it be what a recruiter wants to see?

So, what you need to do on a monthly basis is to log out of all your accounts and conduct a generic search of your name and different variants of your name.  Document what you find and what action that needs to be taken. Remember the internet is forever. Check out your security on all accounts or start thinking about creating a public professional profile and keeping your personal accounts private.

During the blog series, I will mention a lot that it is time to MAKE IT MATTER.  Make your time taken building your personal brand with Rezoomo matter for your future.  It is your future; you are in control.


Marketing your personal brand

Here are the main advantages of using digital CVS:

1. They are are not constrained in length by the standard one or two pages.

2. Digital CVS have embedded video, images, audio and portfolio presentations. This can work to your advantage if the media you offer is relevant to the jobs for which you’re applying.

3.  They can be particularly fruitful for people in non-standard careers, or the creative arts with visual and/or audio work product to demonstrate.

4. Digital CVS can be updated in real-time. This gives employers access to the most up-to-date information possible, be it a link to a new web publication or information about a recent achievement.

5. With Digital CV builders they provide you with customizable templates making it easy for you to create a CV in minutes.

6. You can view valuable insights, see how many times your CV has been viewed and in what location it has been viewed etc.

7. You are given your own personalised URL allowing you to share your CVs easily by email / social media and by any other online method giving hiring managers instant access.

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