We all paint a picture of our dream jobs, we search and search and leave no stone unturned and just when you were about to give up, there it is the job you have always wanted.

It’s perfect, you panic a little because what if you mess up? Don’t worry follow our action plan below to make sure you are prepared for anything and hopefully you will land that job that was made for you!

Research the company in dept 

Research is key, impress the hiring manager with your in-depth knowledge of the company. Shower them with stats, any awards the company have won and research their social media to get an idea of the team culture. Really wow them.

Revamp your CV 

We all have generic CVS for jobs these can come across as boring especially for hiring managers who receive 100’s of the same CVs every day. The key here is to stand out, you want to really show off your skills and impress. Look at the position and the skills that it entails and showcase your skills and how they would match the job. Make sure all of your information is up to date and get in touch with your references so they know to expect a call and tell them a little about the role you are applying for so they are not put on the spot.

Reach out to your network 

There could be somebody you know who works for this particular company already. The idea here is to find out as much as you can about the company and the position. You might even know somebody who could refer you internally rather than applying directly giving you a foot in the door as a recommendation is always a great start.

Preparation is Key 

OK so you’ve hit the send button, but now is not the time to relax! The time frame of being called in for an interview could be any time, so prepare early. You don’t want to leave it all until last minute. So it’s best to get started. It will pay off in the end when the hiring manager sees how well prepared you are.

Make sure that you don’t spend too long pondering over things and get your application in early.

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