Are you guilty of doing this?

Job interviews can be tricky and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what the potential boss wants from you.

Having said that, there are some obvious guidelines that everyone knows, things like, be on time and don’t take out your phone in the middle of the interview. While most of us know this, a recent survey showed that not everyone does and it also listed some common mistakes people make.

Several other items were also listed and one that stood out as interesting was a shopping bag.

Some people might do a spot of shopping before they get to the interview and carry it into the interview without thinking much of it. This presents the absolute wrong message.

It makes it look like the interview is just something you’re fitting in between other things, not the sole focus of your day. You want to look like you really care about the job. Do your shopping later.

It looks disorganised and as though you have not prioritised your interview over other things.

Ideally, you shouldn’t have anything other than your main handbag/briefcase and any material you may have been asked to bring, otherwise, you can appear flustered and unfocused.

Who knew a little bag could impact your chances of getting a job so much?

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