As the year draws to a close, it’s time to review the last 12 months and think about how you can drive your recruitment career forward next year. And what better festive role model to use than Santa Claus?
Okay, he’s not a recruiter, but he certainly is a charismatic, respected and well-loved authority. He runs an enormous team of elves year in, year out to global renown, and even more importantly: he delivers. Under Santa’s calm and consistent rule, tight deadlines are adhered to and the Christmas client experience is excellent.
In fact, good old Saint Nick has many a lesson to teach recruiters. Here’s the top 5 things you can take from Mr. Claus to improve your recruitment techniques:

1. Rock Around the Clock

Despite the fact that Santa only technically has a single day of delivery, he works all year round to make sure that he hits his targets. He doesn’t put work off, thinking, “Ahh, I’ve got until December!” but instead keeps up his pace throughout the year. Santa and the elves make sure they have toys available for every child across the world, and to do that they maintain an impressive, consistent output.
Take note recruiters! In our industry, there’s never a time to slack off or delay work. If you want to smash your KPIs in 2018, be as industrious as Santa and his elves.

2. Use the Strength of your Personal Brand

Even in the far-flung corners of the world, people know who Santa Claus is and what he does. More than that, people love him. He’s not just loved because he brings goodies, but also because he’s a reliable character who makes people feel safe and comfortable. With Santa, people know where they stand, what is expected of them (good behaviour!) and what to expect in return (presents!). In short, his personal brand is powerful.
To build personal brand, recruiters need to be as consistent as Father Christmas. Consistency will make clients and candidates alike perceive you as trustworthy and sincere, growing your personal brand immeasurably.

3. Deliver, Deliver, Deliver

We all know when Santa Claus is coming to town, and we know because he delivers year after year after year. He never disappoints, he never makes last-minute adjustments to the schedule and he never makes excuses. If one thing is sure, it’s that Santa won’t let you down on Christmas, even if he gets stuck up a chimney!
Failing to deliver quality candidates gives the recruitment industry a bad reputation, no matter what the circumstances. So, to make progress next year, be certain that you can deliver your placements and ascertain whether or not you have the energy and resources to succeed.

4. Focus on your End Goal

Santa knows what his goal is – to deliver presents worldwide on the night of Christmas Eve. Now, that’s logistically quite the difficult task. But Santa doesn’t complain, he doesn’t waste time and he doesn’t over-complicate the jobs at hand. Instead, he does exactly what needs to be done.
When you’re sourcing for a role, make sure you keep that end goal in mind. Don’t get hampered by distractions or pursue things that are off-core. If you’re focused on precisely what it is you need to do, you’ll soon find it quicker and easier to hit your targets.

5. Be an Ambassador!

Saint Nick is the paradigm of kindness. He fills people with hope and cheer, and with his little helpers works to deliver the dreams of the people. He’s the epitome of best practice when it comes to respecting promises and deadlines.
Fortunately for recruiters, you don’t need to grow out a curly white beard to become an ambassador for your industry. But you do need to follow in Santa’s footsteps when it comes to earning trust by simply being good! The more great work you do, the more natural authority you’ll build and therein the more business you’ll win.

Whether you believe in the magic of Santa or not, these practices are sure to ensure you a prosperous new year. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas with many great gifts in your stocking!