At some point whether it be during your job search or during the interview process you may be asked your salary history, how much you currently make or how much you previously made. Should you spill the beans? and if not, how do you avoid the question? 

If you do decide to tell, it may help to find out why the hiring manager is asking the question. There may be two reasons for this the hiring manager might be using your past salary to figure out your market value or to see what your salary expectations are.

Of course, if you do give away your salary history it gives the employer room for negation and you have revealed your cards straight away. If you can try to avoid putting in your salary when applying for a job it doesn’t mean you are ignoring the question if you put a dash in the box it shows you have seen it and if the employer is interested in your experience and skills rather than just your salary history or expectations they will give you a call.

Of course, this strategy could backfire and the employer may not call at all and they may decide to contact somebody who has filled out the information. My view on this, do you really want to work for a company that just focuses on how much money you want and not your actual qualifications.

Some people, when asked about their salary history or expectations, tend to lie. It is important to remember here if you do decide to give away your salary history or expectations, to tell the truth. When ringing for references employers can give away what your current or present salary was, so in this case, always tell the truth and remember there is always room for negotiation at the interview anyway.

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