Finding and getting a work placement can be a challenging process. There are an excessive amount of companies out there. 

To ensure you’re maximizing your chances of landing that dream placement it’s vital to know where the best places are to look. Below are some great resources on where to look for those placements followed by some helpful tips when applying.

Where To Search

Twitter- Twitter is an excellent resource for finding that perfect placement. You can search for placement using hashtags. Another idea is to search for companies looking to take on interns as they may be willing to take on college students for placements also, visit companies accounts within your field and desired location.

LinkedIn- Some of the best placements can be found through networking. Once you make a connection on LinkedIn, send a personal message to the head of the department that you are looking to get a placement in or to the HR manager. Customize your placement search by field, location, and other parameters.

When Applying

Most of the time placement emails will be sent to the HR manager or the head of a specific department within the company. Here are some tips to make a professional impression.

  • Analyze and clean up your digital footprint if necessary. Make sure to search yourself online by simply googling yourself. Some employers will search for you online. Be sure to delete anything damaging to your reputation.
  • Use your college email address when sending your application.
  • Make sure the email is brief and to the point. Here is an example:

Dear (Name),
Attached please find my cover letter and CV for consideration for a college work placement at (Place you are applying). I’m currently in my third year at (college name) and I am very interested in gaining a work placement with your company. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards,
(Your Name)

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