Trends in HR are ever changing. Every year new trends arise due to the issues that HR face and the discussion around how to solve them. Employee experience is the latest trend taking hold in the HR industry.

With companies being faced with the task of creating environments that make people genuinely want to show up to work.

So in order to stay on top of this emerging trend here are 3 things that you need to know about employee experience:


Experience and Engagement 

Free snacks, work from home programmes and other all of these perks that are usually offered are not a form of employee experience but that of employee engagement. Even though these perks are great they don’t usually achieve great results for either employees or companies. Employee experience, on the other hand, includes a complete revamp of the company that puts employees at the centre. Which means that companies must redesign their workplace operations and develop a space that fits their people.


Three Factors Of Employee Experience

 The employee experience is influenced by three things:

  1. Culture
  2. Technology
  3. Physical workspace

Culture, technology & physical workspace are the three factors that make up the employee experience. Over the past year, employee culture is something that has been at the centre of many discussions in the HR industry. It is clear culture is created in the workplace by a company. It creates a vibe that tends to motivate and empowers us and is one of the most important factors when designing an employee experience.

Technology, are the tools that are implemented in the workplace to help employees get their work done. These also include apps and e-learning software. The technology that is provided is to help create a great employee experience. It tends to focus on the employee’s needs rather than the needs of the company.

Physical workspace, unlike the perks, the physical workspace is something that we can see. Creating a workspace that enables innovation, engagement and relaxation are vital. From the artwork that hangs on the walls to the canteen area and a flexible workspace that allows candidates to move around, are all variables that help create an employee experience. They may seem like small things they really are huge factors that help to put your employees at the center.

Although over the years employee experience has been talked out it will be the next big factor that HR will be turning their attention to in 2018. HR leaders will be tasked with the role of designing, building and maintaining the employer experience across their company, division, and teams. This is so that it will encourage and produce the very best in their employees.

If you’re already making an effort to improve employee engagement and employee satisfaction making the jump to improving the employee experience will be easy. All you have to do is be thoughtful, deliberate and, most importantly, listen.