Changing careers is never easy. In saying that is also not impossible. Many people find themselves burned out, bored or frustrated and changing careers may seem like the only way out. But are you changing for the right reasons?

Here are 3 career changing mistakes you should avoid before making your final decision.

1. Changing career because you dislike your job

It is easy to confuse disliking your current job to actually disliking your chosen career. It is more likely that it is down to not liking your work environment, location, manager, job pressures etc. It is important to identify why you are unhappy in your current role.

Take a step back and analyze what it is before making any rational decisions it may just be time for a change of company. Whatever you decide make sure to put a plan in place first.

2. Changing career based on salary

Money isn’t everything. Changing your career based on salary is the worst thing you can do. What if you end up hating your new career? especially if it isn’t aligned with your personality, strengths or interests.  A higher paid role requires taking on more responsibilities, time and energy. This can all lead to much more stress. So make sure to weigh up the pros and cons before making a change.

3. Not testing the waters

Before springing into action why not take your desired career for a test drive. Many companies take on interns or volunteers. Try this before investing in a whole new career, the last thing you want to dive in and end up starting all over again.

Many people make career changes and find happiness. The important thing is, to be honest with yourself about why you are looking for a change of career and analyze all of your options. After that, if you still want to take the leap the best of luck!