As Christmas is approaching, many companies are now getting ready for their busiest time of the year. They are now on the lookout for seasonal staff. A lot of big retailers have already put their seasonal hiring plans into full swing. So, if you are on the lookout for a seasonal job then you better start looking and preparing for job interviews.

In essence, a job is a job. Companies tend to be looking for the same traits as they would when hiring full-time employees. These can be such traits as experience, team player, positive attitude.

However, there are a few differences in a permanent job and a seasonal position. Most importantly, there is little or no expectation that seasonal job seekers will be asked to make or will want to make a long-term commitment to the company. This crucial distinction should play a big role in the approach you use to try to land the position. Check out these seasonal interview tips.

Why are you in the market for a temporary position?

Undoubtedly this question is bound to be asked in your seasonal job interview so be prepared. Often job seekers are caught off guard by this question. Be sure to have a question prepared that highlights your need for flexibility. Try an avoid any responses that may make you look unreliable. Approach the interview as if you were applying for a permanent

Make sure your responses highlight your professionalism

Certain job seekers think that a professional manner may indicate that they are overqualified for seasonal work. Employers are in fact looking for people who would be quick to get up to speed without many difficulties. Approach the interview as if you were going for a permanent position or career advancement. Don’t be afraid to talk about your past experiences.

Distinctly outline your level of schedule flexibility

In retail and the hospitality industry during the seasonal period means a lot of double shifts, overtime and very few days off. If you are able to you should try and highlight to your potential employers that you are willing to shape your working hours to suit them. However, if you have scheduling constraints, make sure you mention them straight away.

Use examples that demonstrate your ability to learn quickly

Job seekers who can easily adapt to a new workplace and get up to speed quickly in an unfamiliar setting are a dream to employers for the seasonal period. When your answering talk about past experiences and scenarios to highlight your ability to adapt.

When asked about long-term availability, leave the interviewer talk about it first

The majority of time seasonal work comes with no strings attached and tends not to come with any job security. However, there is sometimes the possibility that temporary jobs can often become permanent positions after the manic seasonal period is over. If you would like to get a long-term job at the company listen to what the hiring manager is saying when you are being asked about future availability.

If you feel there may be the possibility of a permanent position shrewdly tilt your answers in that direction. However, if you feel there isn’t a full-time position available at the moment not to fret. If you get the seasonal position and do an excellent job they may just create a long-term position for you within the company in the future.

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