With the holidays fast approaching many companies have already started recruiting for seasonal staff.

It can be a difficult challenge to find those seasonal employees who seamlessly fit in with your permanent staff and who can offer great customer service to keep your customers happy during this crazy shopping season.

Preparing and asking targeted interview questions will help you to identify those candidates who have the required skills to help you through this busy period.

Here are some samples of interview questions that will help you asses whether candidates are qualified for your seasonal positions:

– Why did you apply for this position? How do you think your skills align with the job requirements?

– We will require you to be fully flexible right up until Christmas Eve and immediately after. How does this fit into your holiday plans?

– Why do you want a temporary position?

–  How would you describe your customer service?

– How would you deal with a situation where a customer becomes annoyed and starts yelling at you?

– What would you do if a customer approached you right before your shift was over?

– What is your biggest strength & weakness?

– How would you describe your communication style?

– This is only a  temporary position and may not lead to a full-time role. Is a permanent position something you are after?

–  Tell me about a situation when you were under pressure and how you dealt with it?

– What do you like most about dealing with the public? What do you like least?

– Do you enjoy being assigned last-minute or different tasks or do you prefer routine?