We have covered how to answer interview questions in the past, but when we came across these we really were left speechless. I mean these have to be some of the toughest interview questions ever, would you know how to answer them or better still why would you even be asked them? *gobsmacked* 

“If you had a friend who was great for a job and an identical person who was just as good, but your friend earned £2,000 less, who would you give the job to ?”

“How would your enemy describe you?”

“You are stranded on the moon with a group of other astronauts and you need to travel 200 miles back to base, here is a list of 15 items salvaged from the wreckage of the spacecraft you were travelling in. List them in order of importance.”


“Describe your biggest weakness, then describe another.”

“What does social justice mean to you?”

“There are three people, each with different salaries, and they want to find the average of them without telling any of the other two their salary. How do they do it?”

“How would you explain cloud computing to a 7-year-old?”

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