In today’s world job searching has become pretty much like shopping online.

In order to allure a person to your company, you must showcase your employer brand. Potential candidates are no longer just attracted to jobs, they want to be associated with companies that have more desirable workplaces and ones that showcase themselves as not just a company but as a reputable brand.

The failure to attract top talent can be very costly and time-consuming.  It is about quality and not quantity so having a  recruitment marketing strategy is vital, this allows you to see what works for your company and what doesn’t.  It will also allow you to figure out what channels work best for you. The main thing to remember when recruiting is that you are not looking for thousands of job applicants, your main goal is to find that one person who really fits your needs.

Many companies desire top talent, but what is really required for potential candidates to put your companies job vacancies into their checkout baskets?


1. Job Descriptions

When applying for a job potential candidates want to see what you have on offer. The main thing to take into a count is to not overdo it. Text-heavy job descriptions can easily have a candidate turn a blind eye and go and click somewhere else. Keep the job description short but descriptive and don’t forget to list the benefits that come with the job, really sell it to them!


2. Employer Brand

Showcase everything! Yes, everything. Has your company won awards? What makes your company the best to work for? What perks do you have to offer? Social nights out, employee parking, a pension scheme, employee discounts? When looking for a job potential candidates love perks, it gives them something to brag to their friends about.  It may be something small but really shout about it, you really don’t want to be shy about your employer brand.


3.  Social Media

You have social media, what do you use it for? Posting up content on a regular basis is great for marketing purposes so why not use it for your recruitment? You are undertaking a recruitment MARKETING  strategy after all.  Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin these are all great ways to attract talent . You have an audience already on all of those platforms, so why not advertise your vacancies? Your next hire could be waiting amongst them.


4.  Recruitment Marketing

You cannot turn a blind eye to recruitment marketing it is a must and if it isn’t something that your company has accounted for in their budget this year then you can kiss your potential top hires goodbye. You can post your jobs up on a jobs board but as mentioned above you really have to showcase your employer brand and embrace recruitment marketing that is what candidates want, especially the millennial generation who are constantly looking for the best companies to work for, so show them what you have to offer.