A good video introduction can be the difference between successfully getting a job and failure. This gives you an excellent chance to market yourself to prospective employers, and if done right, can place you in pole position to landing that job. Here are a few tips to perfect your intro:

#1: Keep it short

Recruiters do not have a lot of time to watch long boring videos for every candidate. The idea is to sell yourself to the recruiter, and to do it quickly! Your video should ideally not be any long than two minutes. Any longer than this and the recruiter will lose interest, and having an intro will be more of a hindrance than a benefit.

#2: Appearance

Appearance is everything when making a video intro. Remember, you are trying to sell yourself to the person watching at the other end. First, dress smart! Business attire should be worn, just as if you were going to a job interview. Make sure you have a plain wall behind you so the viewers focus is solely on you. Look directly at the camera lens, so as to look the viewer in the eye, and speak slowly and clearly.

#3: The Message

What message are you trying to convey to a potential employer? You should clearly define what you want to say before you begin. Show the recruiter why you would be a good choice, and what you could do for the company once hired. Present your key skills and attributes, but don’t go into too much detail. Remember, you are not just reading out your CV on video!

#4: Perfection

This may sound like too much but your video has to perfect or its worthless. Sniffling in the middle of the video? Start again. Next door neighbour’s dog starts barking? Start again! This is your opportunity to present yourself to a possible employer and if you want to set yourself above the rest your pitch has to be absolutely spot on.


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