In a competitive job market, it is essential that your CV catches the attention of the employer.

Every effort should go into selling your best self and putting your best self forward. There recently has been a lot of talk surrounding digital CVs and how they are becoming essential in jobseekers job search, but what exactly is a digital CV and why should you use one?

The Digital CV

Simply put a digital CV is a copy of your CV that is available online. Employers want to see that you are tech savvy enough to build and create an eye-catching CV. Using a computer is pretty much an essential skill for most companies nowadays & providing employers with a digital CV is a great way to show off those skills.

Content Is Key

You have a platform, so make sure that you use it to shine. Making your Digital CV look impressive is vital to catching the attention of a busy employers eye especially when they are sailing through a sea of applications. Once you have caught their attention you want to keep them interested in the content of your application.

Simply you must sell to them why you are the perfect fit for the role they are advertising and how you will benefit them as an employee. This can be hard to do on a paper CV, but with a digital CV, your opportunities are endless. Start with a 1-2 minute video introduction and seal the deal by uploading projects, certificates, links to your Linkedin and other social media profiles.

Let Employers Find You

Make yourself more searchable by creating a Digital CV and let the employers do the headhunting. Continuing to use a lifeless Word CV isn’t going to impress, employers want to see more from candidates and by creating a Digital CV you are giving yourself a better chance of obtaining an interview.

So Why Is It Essential?

Basically, the main reason that a digital CV is so valuable is that companies want you to have one. Unlike paper CVs once a digital CV is online there is no real way for you to misplace it. You can easily find it personalize it, and with one click apply for a job meaning you will never miss out on an opportunity.

So What Now?

Now that we have covered why a digital CV is essential in your job search the next step is up to you. You can either learn more about Digital CVs or you can start building your own here for FREE.

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