Many companies are realizing that the future of recruitment requires the partnership of HR and marketing.

Branding is a powerful way to relay your companies message. So when it comes to branding why wouldn’t you use it as part of your recruitment strategy?

More and more companies are now focusing on their employer brand in order to win over talent. In fact, 36% of recruiting teams collaborate with marketing or communications to manage their companies’ branding efforts, while 30% take the lead themselves, according to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report.

You need to start thinking of your potential candidates as you would customers. As you would sell a product, think of it now as selling opportunities to candidates for employment. People now choose what companies to work for based on their lifestyle and interests like they would when buying a product. So whether a candidate is looking for a new job or a change in career, you much be willing to capture them the moment they are receptive with the right message.

Before putting your message out there you need to get to know your audience and what they want. Start with your current employees, ask them what it is they like about working for your company and how would they sell their position to others?
Once you have the elements of your target market you can begin to start work creating your recruitment brand. This is where your marketing department comes in as they have the expertise to position your employer brand so that it reaches the right candidates.

marketing employer brand

Source: Linkedin

Brand Building – Communicating your employer brand and value proposition.

Content Strategy — Creating and curating compelling content and messaging (job descriptions,  videos, blogs, career sites, etc.)

Social Media  Sharing of content, engaging with candidates, transparency

Data Analysis — Capturing trustworthy data, producing the right reports and analytics.

Why becoming a brand is important for successful recruiting

For employers trying to attract and retain employees can prove difficult. The following graph shows you exactly what attracts candidates to want to work for a company.

Employer branding is defined as “the package of functional, economic, and psychological benefits provided by an employer and identified with the employing organization.” A brand helps the existing employees create a deep sense of loyalty to the company and gives a synopsis of what the company stands for and represents.


Overall your company is a product if people spend considerable time wondering what they should spend their money on, why shouldn’t they spend that same amount of time trying to find what company they would be a ‘fit’ for. Candidates want to work in the best work environment, with the best growth opportunities, benefits, and flexibility. All of these factor into the creation of your brand which will help to attract the best talent.