Whether a candidate is looking to jump ship from their current role or simply looking to kick-start their career. There are certain factors they are searching for from your company before deciding to do so.

A recent study carried out by Hinge Research Institue revealed what candidates care about and what they consider when evaluating opportunities.

What factors do candidates consider when evaluating opportunities?

The primary factors candidates consider is a firms culture which tops the results, in comparison to previous years when it was a competitive salary that would normally take the lead and fell into second place this time around.

Proving the significance of employer branding to promote your companies culture to attract top talent.

factorsWhat do candidates care most about?

Candidates selected working with a growing firm as the factor they would most care about when applying for a role. The main reason for this result is that employees aren’t restricted to their roles. A growing company provides the opportunity for personal growth and learning with there always being a new project to undertake.

Following this having the option to work remotely / telecommunicate in their role is another factor candidates take into consideration.