Getting a part-time job is tough enough these days, but applying for a position with no work experience can be pretty daunting.

Don’t focus on what you lack and instead focus on your other qualities instead.

Most job positions require experience. But it’s hard to get experience when you can’t even get a break. You have to start somewhere so here are some tips to help you get a job when you have no work experience.

Identify Your Skills

Make a list of all the skills listed in postings for the role you’re looking to get: computer skills, technical skills, communication skills, research skills, problem-solving skills. What do people come to you for help with?

Make The Link

When you decide to apply for a given position, you must have a reason to believe you can do the job well. Spend some time analyzing that link. What formal or informal experience do you have, or what personal traits, that make the job a good fit? Be analytical and creative in this process. Once you establish the link for yourself, you can explain it to a potential employer.

Emphasize The Soft Skills

What will make you stand out from the rest? Remember to showcase qualities like friendliness, professionalism, responsiveness, and follow-through. Strong soft skills can go a long way because they can’t really be taught.

Show Off Your Project Experience

A great way to show your skills is with a project you have taken part in. These can include project you have undertaken during volunteering, projects from university/college and any portfolios or blogs that you may have.

The best way to showcase them would be to build a Rezoomo FREE digital CV builder which allows you to upload any projects you have or any links to projects, portfolios or blogs.


Start Volunteering 

If you can’t find a job, work for free. A volunteer position can be easier to find than an internship. Volunteer for as much relevant service as you can. You’ll not only gain valuable experience but will also be able to build a network and get a foot in the door.

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