Effective interviews can be beneficial to both the interviewer and the interviewee but interviews, in general, can be fairly tricky.

We all have our own ways and techniques for conducting an interview but what really is the best way? We have outlined 3 tips below to help you conduct the perfect interview.



Include open-ended Interview Question

As a hiring manager, recruiter or hr professional you want to dig deep to get the best answers from your candidates if you only ask specific closed-ended questions you might not get the in-depth answers you require. Ask an open-ended question like “How will your greatest strength help you perform?” rather than just “What is your greatest strength?”.


Don’t Have Too Many People On Your Hiring Panel

Having some assistance when hiring is great as it can help you narrow down potential candidates and take the stress out of deciding who fits best for the job.  An idea would be to select the department head/manager or another HR persons to join you whilst interviewing. You don’t want great talent getting over-shadowed by too many decision makers.


Have A Conversation Not An Interrogation  

The hiring process is changing and with the change that means less informal interviews and making it more about the candidate and getting to know them. So next time you are interviewing maybe it would be a good idea to meet potential candidates for a coffee ( if you have the time) and make it more of a chat. You will both feel more relaxed and your candidate may open up more to you and give more detailed answers to any questions you may have.