Recruiting tips are essential for employers as they help them identify best practices and processes of employee recruitment.

Finding employees to suit the job, work environment and work culture is a challenging job for employers. As such, each organization should follow a proven process for candidate selection and recruitment. Employee recruitment processes should enable employers to efficiently attract, as well as find, the most promising prospective employees for their organization.


1 – Be Specific

Any job listing takes time to highlight the unique specifications of a certain role.  The important thing here is not to be sneaky when describing the role you are advertising for. Are there unusual work hours, is travelling involved or anything else you should point out? These should be included when you are writing a job description. Be as detailed as possible. You don’t want to waste candidates time or even your own time interviewing people who are uninterested after they find out certain things you didn’t mention in the job description in the first place. Another thing to note always include the job locations. A lot of employers lose out to people who apply for roles because of this.


2 – Have Skype Interviews To Save Time

Skype is a great way to have a face to face with a potential candidate without having to do multiple applications coming in and out of the office all day. If hiring for any kind of tech role or a job that involves tech it is also a great way to see if your candidates are tech savvy. If you are not to keen on using Skype for interviews another great way to save time is phone interviews. The key to doing this is to save time and to eliminate candidates that don’t fit the role and to take the next step with the stronger candidates.


3- Ask To See Their Skills

A great way to see if a candidate is ideal for the job is to ask them to put their skills into action. Looking for a content writer? Send them a topic and ask them to write a short 500-word piece. This is a great opportunity to see if their grammar is on point and how creative they write in relation to the industry they would be writing for.


4- Face to Face Interviews 

Again you put this step into action you will have already tested candidates on their skills. You will have weeded out those that are not suitable for the role you are hiring for. A face to face interview will give you a feel for the person’s personality and with prepared questions, you can find out who really is interested. Thus, in turn, will lead you hiring the right person for the role.

By following these 4 easy steps you are saving yourself a lot of time and hassle.  Hiring smartly will, in turn, lead to an increased chance of turning an applicant into a valued member of any team.