When going for an interview most people don’t mean to come across as rude, but sometimes what we say may not seem rude to us but can come across as rude to others and this is certainly something that you don’t want happening when you are trying to bag a job.

We have listed  10 sentiments that  you really should avoid saying during an interview :

‘I’ve been waiting a while’

You are totally justified in being annoyed that your interviewer kept you waiting. That being said, you get no brownie points for grumbling.

Hi! I know I’m late…’

Although it is a bit of a double standard that the interviewee typically can’t be late while the interviewer can get away with it, the interviewer is typically the one with the power, so just get over it. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, even if that means you have to hang out in a coffee shop for a while before you go in. If you are late, don’t draw attention to it or make excuses. Quickly apologise and move on.

‘Are you married?/Do you have kids?/How old are you?/etc.’

Never ask the interviewer any personal questions.

‘Who should I avoid in the office?’

Don’t embroil yourself in coworker drama before you’ve even stepped foot into the office. This just makes you sound like a petty person.

‘I don’t have weaknesses’

Yes, you do. Claiming not to have shortcomings just makes you come across as arrogant.

‘Excuse me, I need to take this call really quickly’

Are you kidding me?

‘I just need a job

Try to keep your enthusiasm under control. This may be true, but definitely, don’t admit it to your interviewer.

‘Hi — let’s get started’

Don’t start the interview by barging in and babbling. You may be nervous and eager to get it over with, but remember to at least introduce yourself first.

‘I’d like a coffee/water/tea’

If the interviewer offers a beverage, then it’s fine to accept. Just don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.” In fact, you should show off that you have good manners whenever you can during the interview.

‘How did I do?’ or ‘Did I get the job?’

Don’t put the interviewer on the spot. If you really want feedback, wait until you get the offer or rejection, and then ask in an email what they think you did well on or how could have done better.

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