Technology in the world is evolving as we know it. A decade ago who knew that we could ask a speaker to play our favorite songs. Yet, here we are. Technology is constantly changing the world we live in and there is no exception when it comes to recruitment. In fact, we are inundated with technology that helps us streamline and enhance our own and our candidates’ experience.

With new trends being released every year we ask ourselves the question: what’s next for recruitment?

Real-Time AI

We are continually hearing about AI and how it is helping take the tedious admin tasks out of recruitment. Recruitment is a high-volume, high-time investment industry and technology should be implemented wherever possible. This means allowing for digital software to take over a certain amount of communication without surrendering the human touch points too much.

Creating and personalizing a unique recruitment process that allows the candidate to feel fully engaged and connected from start to finish.  Gives you the required time to filter out the top talent needed for your companies roles, before passing them on to the next level.

Chatbots are something that we are now hearing more and more about and it looks like they are set to make an impact on the recruitment landscape this year. They are becoming vastly popular with the millennial generation as it fills the gap for the lost communication they long for.

Implementing AI throughout various stages of the hiring process is allowing us to simplify a process that can be very time-consuming. Investing in the right software we are eliminating time spent on shortlisting, rejecting and onboarding talent. Hiring managers are able to make better hiring decisions due to the fact they have the time to. The same with HR managers instead of sifting through thousands of CVs they now have the opportunity to concentrate on other matters such as employee retention.

There is no reason AI shouldn’t be a part of a companies recruitment process. With AI becoming a powerful element now is the time for your talent acquisition, hiring manager and HR teams to start educating themselves about the best software available.

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