In today’s competitive business world, employee retention has become a major concern.

It is important for any company to implement employee retention strategies to manage employee turnover effectively and efficiently. …

We have 3 tips to help you retain new hires for the long haul and to help boost your companies retention rate.

3 Ways To Keep New Hires For The Long Haul

Hire for attitude, not aptitude.

Knowledge and skills are certainly important for making a long-term hire, but there’s also no discounting cultural fit. When deciding between the two, put personality first. You can train for skill. You can’t train for personality.

Broadcast your employer brand.

Give candidates in-depth information about your employer brand and what it’s like to work with you. Fill your culture Web page and social media with regularly updated content about life at your company. This helps candidates decide if they align with your mission and personality and whether they see themselves being happy with you for the long haul.

Leave Them Alone

This is a big one. The temptation to micromanage a new hire can be especially strong, but you can’t yield to that temptation. Instead, you need to find the line between “coaching” and “hovering,” and then you need to stay on the coaching side! Once your new employee has the resources, the direction, and the connections they need, give them the opportunity to show you what they can bring to the table.

A final tip: Remember to assess your employee retention strategies at least once a year. You’ll want to stay current on market salary rates and benefits, and best practices in developing workplace culture and manager-employee relations. Doing so will help you keep staff morale high and turnover low while guaranteeing your companies success.