You have probably rehearsed a million times your replies to the most commonly asked interview questions but you should also take into an account what you should avoid saying.

Nerves can take hold and you can find yourself suddenly blurting out a completely different answer to what you would have expected. Practice is key to any interview prep. So when it comes to what not to say we have some key reasons to avoid these answers:


#1 What is the role/company all about? 

Reasons to Avoid: This statement is enough to deliver the fact that you clearly have not done any research! It is vital that you search online and get a clear understand of what the company you are interviewing for is all about. This includes the company’s background, areas of business, the job description that you are applying for and other related aspects not only that but being well prepared for an interview will make you feel more confident and will leave a good impression as it shows you have good knowledge of the company and what the role you are interviewing for implies.

#2 – I don’t see myself working here for more than a couple of years

Sorry, What!? even if the job that you are interviewing for isn’t something that you see yourself in long-term this is something that the interviewer doesn’t need to know. You might have different career aspirations but you really should be focusing on the job that you are applying for now otherwise what is the point?

By informing the interviewer that you have no intention of staying in the role long term you are sabotaging any chances that you have in landing the gig. Take it from the companies point of view: Why would they invest in somebody who is just going to up an leave after 2 years?


#3 What is your greatest weakness? WEAKNESS! I don’t have any weakness… 

Let’s be honest here nobody is perfect. If you say you don’t have any weakness the hiring manager will instantly get the impression that (A)  you are overconfident or (B) you lack the willingness to analyze your shortcomings. This question is usually a common one asked during interviews to give an interviewer an insight into your awareness of areas for improvement. You really should use this opportunity to show how you are working to develop your skills and how the position that you are applying for will help you match your own goals.

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