On average recruiters only spend 6 seconds looking at your CV. The skills section on your CV is your chance to make a recruiter stop and shout EUREKA this person is perfect !

So what are the best ways to showcase your skills and land the job that you really want?

Let’s start with what skills are most important :

  • 67% of recruiters in ALL industries say that communication is the most important skill
  • 77% of employees desire leadership and teamwork among new grads. Technical skills are desired by 67%
  • 1 in 3 skills listed in the description of a job are basic skills like verbal communication or Microsoft Office.
  • 1 in 4 skills are basic skills even in highly technical jobs.

The Top 5 Universally Desired Skills Include : 

  • Communication ( Verbal & Written)
  • Leadership
  • Planning & Strategic Thinking
  • Analytical Thinking & Research
  • Teamwork or Collaborative Work

Now that you know what are the most important and desired skills, let’s show you how to put your skills on your CV

  • Make your skills relevant to the job offer – Read the job offer. Underline the skills required by an employer. Match those skills to those you find listed in the job description. Check similar offers also.
  • Research people who already have the job you want – Check out skills and accomplishments of professionals who already have the job you want, if you have those skills add them to your job section.
  • Add the universal skills that all employers want – just to make sure you have everything, take a look at the list above. Do you have any of them? If so include them in your skills section.
  • Numbers will make you stand out from the crowd – Add numbers and details to draw the eye of the recruiter instead of “proficient at sales conversions” write “able to convert 45% of leads into sales”