Providing challenging work results in numerous benefits for employees and organizations, work builds leadership capacity, improves skills and competencies, and prepares employees for advancement opportunities.

Additionally, organizations often develop innovations, improve efficiency, meet and exceed strategic goals, and increase revenue as a result of their efforts to challenge top performers.

Clearly, challenging employees (especially top performers) can pay off in business results, retention, and engagement if your organization is willing to provide the opportunities.

10 Ways To Challenge Your Employees

1. Provide assignments aligned with strategic goals.

2.  Involve them in strategic discussions and decision-making with the leadership team.

3. Create coaching or mentoring relationships for them with senior leaders.

4. Encourage community board and committee membership; allow them to pursue volunteer opportunities or pro-bono assignments.

5. Provide cross-training and job rotations in other divisions, departments, and roles.

6. Include them in the development of new products and services.

7. Assign them to global initiatives or travel opportunities.

8. Engage them in the training and development of other employees as teachers and facilitators.

9. Have them lead and launch new initiatives and programs.

10. Create formal leadership development programs, such as an emerging leader program.