Social media who hasn’t got it! but did you know that a recent study by Eurocom worldwide showed that nearly 40% of companies use social media to research a candidate and 1 in 5 tech firms have rejected candidates because what they found on their social media pages.

A key thing to remember when posting online is don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mum to see. So before you, click post have a think about it or at least check your privacy settings.

We are all aware there are certain things potential employers don’t want to see and we have covered this in another blog post titled Using Social Media To Land A Job but what about selfies can they really ruin your chance of getting hired?

The surprising answer is YES!

But selfies are just pictures right? how could anybody take offense to a selfie, if it is not offensive then surely there is nothing wrong with having them on your profile?

I never thought a selfie would affect my chances of getting hired. However, this is where people are mistaken, depending on the quantity and type of the selfie it can have a serious effect. People mainly consider pictures of themselves passed out on the floor after a night out to be more harmful but clearly it comes down to more than that.

According to a Pew Research Centre Survey, posting a lot of pictures of yourself in different outfits and posing demonstrates a narcissistic behavior. Meaning that you crave the attention of the people you have on your social media and want to be showered with positive comments. When we say selfies, we do not mean taking a regular picture of yourself at an event or on a day where you feel good, but just generally posting one every single day.

When employers are looking for quality candidates, they tend to check out their social media accounts to gain a better idea of the type of person they are. An employer will also like to see that the potential candidate has some confidence. This is where a selfie can affect those chances, because not only does it represent vanity, but it is common for people to post selfies in attempt to mock others for being different or acting in a certain way – indirect insults. Would an employer really want someone like this representing their company?

This just proves how much social media is having an impact on your chances of getting hired. So next time you’re thinking of pouting for a selfie, think about how it may affect you in the future. Genuine pictures with smiles and with friends and family make a better impression. Take pictures of yourself. But be aware of the quantity so you don’t come across vain to those who don’t know you.

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