Diversity is an integral element of HR. It’s a recurring theme that touches all topics, including workforce planning and recruitment. 

Workplace diversity has become an increasingly important part of any workplace. Encouraging diversity can help a business grow and thrive.
We have listed 4 steps that to make sure that your company knows what diversity is, how to include it in the workplace and your hiring process and how to celebrate it.

Learn What Diversity Actually Means

A repeated mistake people seem to make is that they think diversity only covers race and gender. It is important to note that diversity also includes characteristics such as ethnic group, age, personality, disability, sexual orientation, religion, education. So make sure that you know what the word diversity actually means so that you can show leadership on the topic. It is also important that all members of hiring are supported and educated accordingly.

Remove Bias From Job Descriptions 

When it comes to increasing workplace diversity, the first step any hirer can take is to look at how they create job advertisements. While writing an inclusive job description may seem straightforward, unconscious bias through tone or phrasing that skews towards cultural, gender or industry stereotypes can significantly limit the pool of applicants.

Take Inclusivity Into Your Hiring Process

During your hiring process if you disproportionally cut out any marginalised groups then you are doing something wrong. Examine your process and adjust it to be inclusive and unbiased. This will guide you to become more considerate about how you assess your candidates and overall improve the quality of your hires.

Celebrate Diversity Victories

Shout about your victories! Include it on your website or in your job adverts that this is something your company is really invested in. Not only is this great for you but it is also great for your employer brand, candidates want to work for inclusive and non-biased companies so show them that you have created a workplace that includes that.