Have you heard the term “Sitting is the New Smoking”? It sounds a bit far-fetched, even alarmist but there are increasing concerns in the health and fitness community, backed up by science that it is!

Are you an active couch potato?

An active couch potato is someone who does a lot of exercises but also spends a lot of time sitting. You may think you are healthy but you are at greater risk than you think. There are many things you as an individual can do but first, both you and your organisation need to develop a “moving mindset”.

Moving Mindset

This requires a positive outlook on the benefits to everyone [employees and organisation] of moving, throughout the day, at your workplace and beyond. This means you are always looking for opportunities to reduce the amount of sitting you do and to get up and move, as much as you can!

7 Simple Things You Can Do At Work Starting Today!

    • You can start these immediately. They don’t cost a penny. They will help boost productivity. So they are really a no-brainer!
    • Get up and walk for 5 minutes every hour. Drink plenty of water so you have to go to the bathroom.
    • Take the stairs every time you can. The only reason you take the lift right now is a habit so change that today.
    • Stand up and walk around whenever you are on your phone or mobile. Given this is a lot for most of us, you’ll be amazed at your increase in moving from this alone!
    • Hold “Active Meetings” which means at very least standing up. If circumstances permit why not try a walking meeting.
    • Deliver messages in person instead of texting or emailing and kill a few birds with one stone.
    • Try to get some exercise and fresh air instead of sitting down for breaks.
    • Create communal bins so everyone has to get up to get rid of their rubbish.

“You don’t have to be fit and healthy to start, but you do have to start to be fit and healthy.”