When someone applies for a job, there are certain things potential candidates will expect from the hiring manager during the hiring process.

Often the employer’s wants/needs are highlighted while those of job seekers are overshadowed.  So here are 4 things to keep in mind that job seekers expect from you during your hiring process.

To Understand Your Job Descriptions

Initially, job descriptions can be confusing. So try to make them as easy to read as you can by making sure that you list the specific skills you are looking for in a candidate, location, and any benefits. If you can, where possible indicate the salary for the role as a high percentage of candidates, are discouraged from applying for certain jobs due to the absence of a salary guide.

As much as they don’t like admitting it, salary is important to every job seeker. But, that’s not necessarily because they want to become filthy rich. They care about the money as this ensures their most basic needs can be met – that they have got a roof over their heads and can pay the bills. Job seekers are unlikely to ask for more money – especially at the pre-selection stage – but they would expect employers to be open about compensation.

To Know About Your Companies Goals

A sense of belonging to a company that has sound values and vision is incredibly appealing to job seekers. Every job seeker wants to be part of something big. So, they are hoping to find a company whose owners know what they are doing and have a clear direction of where they need to go. For a company to have clear goals is essential. This means it will always find new ways and solutions to move forward. It also shows that the company is encouraging revolutionary ways of working, embraces creative thinking, constantly changing for the best and that’s the type of company job seekers want to work for.

To Respect Their Time

If you schedule a meeting or interview at a certain time, be there on time. Don’t have job seekers waiting forever for a meeting or interview that you scheduled. They respected your business enough to show up on time; show them the same respect and courtesy.

To Keep Them Updated 

This is probably one of the biggest things job seekers hate about your hiring process. Keep them updated on their status with the company or a role they applied for. The resume black hole is annoying, but being contacted by a hiring manager promised further contact at a later date and then never receive that call or email is even worse. So keep them in the loop it also helps your employer brand by doing so. Find out more about ghosting candidates here.